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This Guangzhou hotel combines a unique urban setting with a 10, 000 square meter subtropical garden,incorporating 680 spacious rooms and suites all elegantly decorated,providing a traditional Chinese ambiance.Located by Yue Xiu Hill and adjacent to Liu Hua Lake,Guangzhou's Dong Fang Hotel (Dongfang Binguan) provides great access to the city center.[View Detail]                 

住客评论 3134条评论     4.4分/5分 更多
  • cjp566
    Location is good, the traffic is very convenient, especially next to the subway, the rooms are very quiet and very good.
  • sivyerft
    Old hotel, newly renovated, rooms are large and very, very new. it's poor service, no smiles at the front desk, gruff.
  • fallinsleep
    Canton has been booked this hotel, services can also, didn't feel particularly good. upgrade to Executive Suite sent fruit, but also good. Breakfast is the same a few years, nothing innovative, okay.
  • wrlcjn
    Very good hotel, but the room is a bit old, and found that health is not very good, a little dirty, breakfast, not too rich, a bit monotonous.
  • ananpp
    Traffic in the city center, easy to eat, amenities, breakfast too
  • fsyjb
    All right
  • lulu1005
  • e02368726
    I said does, location quite good, is located in yuexiu Park side, close to Metro, travel convenient. around restaurant compared more, breakfast can to near of wide type tea restaurant, really called delicious, name not remember has. out right hand has been go, triangle zone turned a bent on to has. Hotel whole environment layout of elegant brilliant, hotel service personnel enthusiasm. price low, but, House seems long no people live had has, moisture inclusion with moldy of taste, Rob of people is unlikely to comfortable.
  • c03426205d
    Receptionist very helpful.
  • yitsubin_jp
    Full satisfaction!
  • popo1987117
    Many eating places in the vicinity, m down Starbucks, South sea fishing village! recommended China Hotel Street, personally feel quite old Guangzhou, Diners are locals
  • crg34
    Friends live in comfort
  • lccgl
    Overall a good environment, swimming pool is very big, that's good.
  • lm888
    Very satisfied with the location, environment, health and Ok!
  • ensoes
    Could not find a second home in the city of Guangzhou has such a large central Garden Hotel, great service and facilities
  • Jon.Y.Ding
    This hotel is great, downstairs family and I liked the swimming pool, very close to yuexiu Park, hotel service is good, the price is reasonable, very close to the Metro, a word of praise?
  • emmaduoduo
    Guangzhou established five-star hotels, advantage is very big and clean, close to Metro travel more convenient, is a resident of many airlines, flight attendant and the handsome captain of the different countries, a number of bus connected to the airport; weakness; hotel facilities, especially the room facilities are old, like State-run hotel feel, sense of service than the new five-star hotel
  • A-Man
    This booking on behalf of friend, friend very satisfied. reason is good location, good health, good facilities, good service, good breakfast.
  • grace725
    The environment is very beautiful!
  • justforfun
    Every time you stay here, the hotel service was good
  • smartujjawal
    Good location, facilities need to be improved, the hotel's breakfast is also recommended, and environment of the hotel itself nice! General, business travel is recommended.
  • Jessie.Ru
    Opposite the Hotel Airport Shuttle is convenient, is convenient for the City subway, wine prices, special high performance-price ratio
  • proluxcn
    Going live
  • alexander_yin
    Good good good good
  • aliveyou
    Very good hotel ... convenient to the attractions, very close to the Metro station. the hotel morning tea is also good. is the reception efficiency is too low. want to improve efficiency.
  • baoriyu
    At noon today, eat in the cafeteria
  • lippi
    As five-star hotel, hardware and software facilities are than a between four star of, for example swimming pool of private sex is poor (actually placed in public corridor next), water problem (good big of bleaching taste, underwater are is dirty things), and swimming pool too small has, up only as children play pool, locker room more poor, only three a shower between, towel rags and so on, I just lift which a example just, also has software facilities especially as Guest House, other didn't want to again pointed out has, at least I is not againChoose to move.
  • jason555_861
    Not good, don't know if it's fair.
  • beatlestian
    Old 5 star hotel, transportation, environment, facilities are satisfactory
  • e00630085
    Transportation and the environment are good, next time!
  • gloomyfurfur
    Canton has been booked this hotel, services can also, didn't feel particularly good. upgrade to Executive Suite sent fruit, but also good. Breakfast is the same a few years, nothing innovative, okay.
  • deralpen
    Very good, very good! it is worth!
  • sunercom
    Room was a bit musty, and others.
  • gabrieldiego821
    Old hotel, good location, but the overall facilities, will not consider staying
  • ABC multi-answer questions
    That's good
  • lmsusan
    Nice, convenient location, nice!
  • annita248
    The room is a bit old ... but TV was new. very quiet.
  • list7
    Set of is senior suite, but room health clean not clean, clothing Cap between of Cabinet should is didn't people with bath robe so is long are didn't clean, dust a layer. bath robe of side side are is threads, and very more, hard imagine a five-star hotel of Bath robe will such, health is strictly not standard. say said service's, I set of is senior suite even requirements 2 points check out are no, another set of General room are can, front desk do staying of employees attitude really of bad. points meal even fresh squeezed ofCarrot juice are no, points has half then and said not clear called we again again points a times. room even most basic of shopping bags are no, customer service waiter called I with wash pocket, took with laundry is to how go out Ah? overall also is is administrative floors in reception we eat breakfast of two bit employees service also good. other encountered of really of is cannot let people think is live in five-star hotel. say ironing clothes's, was most fast also to 4 hours within, this is fair Ah,This pace how them?
  • flamingstar
    Veteran star, not bad
  • apple0117
    As always, good, rich breakfast than before!
  • e01089699
    Room good, but noise effect bad, corridor of voice listening to of clear, service completely distribution not Shang five-star, staying day 12 o'clock on to has, told we two points can staying,, two points returned to hotel, told also no clean good, to three points zhihou, were it not for husband to urged, completely on put we to forget has. to Advisory Taiwan asked to Zhuhai of way, staff was even Zhuhai is where are not know, is too exaggerated has!
  • foruid
    Hotel lobby is like, has a small garden and pool. hotel room design is interesting, corridor Windows has garden landscape, room window is room roof! cannot opened curtains of. why landscape to waste has does? also has, room in health not ideal, dirt also has cleanup space, has a only 4--5Cm of cockroaches, said truth, is I ever see had of maximum cockroaches! does scared has, now wants to wants to also haunt! is hot hotel to room and adjustable has a between halfView room, but only 2 full service personnel, to get by, no customer service managers and a apology, I think the old style of five-star hotel! anyway, is not a very pleasant experience!
  • aan103
    Facilities are too old
  • lily_cgogo
    Good, bed was very big at least 2.2-meter wide, very comfortable. traveling, tired during the day who good night's sleep. Breakfast variety, rich and just too many people. nice quiet. transportation is convenient
  • Peter180
    Hotel is very good, is also very convenient, the next opportunity would stay.
  • jiayoutianbao
    Established five-star hotels, large volume, but needs to be updated, little shower head water. other environmental facility was good, good location, WiFi speeds need to be strengthened.
  • a200000
    Choice Dongfang hotel
  • esyajie
    Location and surroundings are very good!
  • ousye
    Nice hotel, recommended.
  • combine
    Hotel itself is very good, only recently in front of renovation