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This Guangzhou hotel combines a unique urban setting with a 10, 000 square meter subtropical garden,incorporating 680 spacious rooms and suites all elegantly decorated,providing a traditional Chinese ambiance.Located by Yue Xiu Hill and adjacent to Liu Hua Lake,Guangzhou's Dong Fang Hotel (Dongfang Binguan) provides great access to the city center.[View Detail]                 

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  • fallinsleep
    Canton has been booked this hotel, services can also, didn't feel particularly good. upgrade to Executive Suite sent fruit, but also good. Breakfast is the same a few years, nothing innovative, okay.
  • wrlcjn
    Very good hotel, but the room is a bit old, and found that health is not very good, a little dirty, breakfast, not too rich, a bit monotonous.
  • ananpp
    Traffic in the city center, easy to eat, amenities, breakfast too
  • fsyjb
    All right
  • lulu1005
  • e02368726
    I said does, location quite good, is located in yuexiu Park side, close to Metro, travel convenient. around restaurant compared more, breakfast can to near of wide type tea restaurant, really called delicious, name not remember has. out right hand has been go, triangle zone turned a bent on to has. Hotel whole environment layout of elegant brilliant, hotel service personnel enthusiasm. price low, but, House seems long no people live had has, moisture inclusion with moldy of taste, Rob of people is unlikely to comfortable.
  • c03426205d
    Receptionist very helpful.
  • yitsubin_jp
    Full satisfaction!
  • crg34
    Friends live in comfort
  • lccgl
    Overall a good environment, swimming pool is very big, that's good.
  • ensoes
    Could not find a second home in the city of Guangzhou has such a large central Garden Hotel, great service and facilities
  • Jon.Y.Ding
    This hotel is great, downstairs family and I liked the swimming pool, very close to yuexiu Park, hotel service is good, the price is reasonable, very close to the Metro, a word of praise?
  • A-Man
    This booking on behalf of friend, friend very satisfied. reason is good location, good health, good facilities, good service, good breakfast.
  • justforfun
    Every time you stay here, the hotel service was good
  • Jessie.Ru
    Opposite the Hotel Airport Shuttle is convenient, is convenient for the City subway, wine prices, special high performance-price ratio
  • baoriyu
    At noon today, eat in the cafeteria
  • e00630085
    Transportation and the environment are good, next time!
  • gabrieldiego821
    Old hotel, good location, but the overall facilities, will not consider staying
  • lmsusan
    Nice, convenient location, nice!
  • apple0117
    As always, good, rich breakfast than before!
  • aan103
    Facilities are too old
  • lily_cgogo
    Good, bed was very big at least 2.2-meter wide, very comfortable. traveling, tired during the day who good night's sleep. Breakfast variety, rich and just too many people. nice quiet. transportation is convenient
  • jiayoutianbao
    Established five-star hotels, large volume, but needs to be updated, little shower head water. other environmental facility was good, good location, WiFi speeds need to be strengthened.
  • ousye
    Nice hotel, recommended.
  • combine
    Hotel itself is very good, only recently in front of renovation
  • allbest
    General facility is a bit old
  • oowen
    Very good hotel, accommodation is also very good, the price is also very reasonable. is the intermediary booking a lot of trouble, told we cannot use a credit card to pay in advance, well, let us cancel twice over and over again, not satisfied with this!
  • cassab
    First late is good of. second late room air conditioning bad has has been issued huge of sound. first times call to front desk get of replies is are is such of. second times call proposed to room front desk said only left a between think trouble didn't for. later noise increasingly shouted people to repair master recommends room again playing phone told didn't room has. hanging has phone run to front desk and has room has attitude really of can't compliment...
  • Rered1
    Nice, nice, nice, La La La,
  • climacool
    Traffic convenience, others can also, is the health aspects to be improved!
  • wangd999
    Nice big hotel in downtown area. A little old, some rooms need to be renovated. Has a big outdoor swimming pool. Large selection of breakfast.
  • lilian6080
    Veteran star, needed to improve the
  • waiying930
    Environment is good, the rooms are great, health and also very clean.
  • ls719
    Set room of when see so more poor assessment, hold with font of mood staying has. set of big bed room, told no has, only double bed, can I with children does Ah, call to front desk, front desk said to coordination,, has 10 minutes no results, and playing has second a phone, also is no results, I said called Hotel waiter came help moved bed, front desk cold of said cannot moved bed. last himself hands-on moved has bedside table, moved has bed, just moved finished, hotel rooms Department to has said, go of ShiWaiting also to to moved back. is angry. say hotel facilities, except appearance see with magnificent, inside facilities really of is rotten, things are is old of, even Samsung are than, bathroom small of poor, I set of Lake King room, is across article street of a small lake, fundamental not Hotel himself of. hotel a floor of Macau Street Hotel, sat in ten minutes also no people acting, to has opposite of sea fishing village, rice good your. East Hotel 8 floor of Chinese, 1 meters of children are to received tea bit fee,But also add 15% service charge, I really don't know where the service. in short lived it for two days, is a variety of unpleasant, definitely bad reviews, breakfast is not good, do not recommend bringing children to live. or to choose a new five-star hotel.
  • adadad
    Traditional Guangzhou regional features, very good
  • lilet
    Well, courtyard-style hotel. atrium garden is beautiful.
  • e02239624
    Seat can be
  • xxjjyy
    Really good environment, convenient transportation, the subway is nearby, it is regrettable that room was a bit old.
  • bearwjc
    Veteran star is in addition to the pool can also be outside everything looked old and outdated Lingnan group should improve
  • engineerwind
    Excellent service, good location, clean and tidy
  • Lemeson
    Beautiful hotel gardens, also has a pool, affordable, the location is also very good, next to the Park, is the room has smell of tide, wet weather in the South, are inevitable.
  • Gavin.xie
    Two families with children come out to play, because there is no way to arrange the same floor, no card was not so convenient
  • cnl5188
    ! D
  • gang3120
    good location and price but the service is not as good as what I expected
  • Sally Yao
    Nice hotel next time
  • blueclean
    Old hotel, good service, good peripheral environment, and convenient transportation. the wireless network is not stable, it is difficult to connect, connect to the total drop, but with their own traffic.
  • bearbaby7
    Good service, good health, simple breakfast. proposals to increase the taste of food in the North.
  • e00132929
    All right!
  • maggie.luo
    Hotel in convenient, next time will stay in Guangzhou.
  • Ivian
    Nice quiet convenient good service