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HFE product family to detonate guangzhou methodology reveals China hotel ultimate evolution trend

Date: 2019-06-22

Hotel industry is the most sensitive to economic prosperity degree of industry, the recent global economic situation of the downside, soon get response on the performance of listed hotel.In the first quarter of 2019, marriott international group net income fell 10% year-on-year in the first quarter, hyatt regency net income fell 84.6%, Hilton per room net income fell by 2.5%.Hotel giants of China, Beijing capital tourism home inns revenue grew 0.99% year-on-year, RevPAR fell;Jinjiang shares rose only 2.66% year-on-year.

But there should always be exceptions to the rule, the other listed hotel giants China live group, quarter upturn in, hotel number growth and even hit a record high.Live in the first quarter of 2019 China revenue of 2.387 billion yuan, up 14.2%;In accordance with the general accounting rules, adjusted net income of 222 million yuan.Quarter RevPAR (every available to rent rooms revenue) has kept a year-on-year growth of 2.9%, its hotel ADR (average house prices have rent rooms) rose 6.9% year-on-year.
Live at the same time, in the first quarter of China to open a day on average 2.5 hotels high-speed expansion, as of March 31, 2019, the China live there are 1311 hotels are in preparation, a record high.China live in high-grade hotel rooms has risen by 45% year-on-year.
Group is how to realize the grow of China live?On June 3, China lives at the 7th China international hotel investment join and franchising exhibition (HFE) guangzhou station, many hoteliers and media to China to live with this problem.
The secret of China live share grow
"Economy downside is the industry is facing an environment, we all felt the pressure of declining performance.China live without falling, remains relatively good growth, and our hotel brand overall layout, to upgrade the quality of the products, and the rationalization of different city location."China live group, senior vice President, joined ZhuangSongCheng told the new brigade (LvJieMedia), "our occupancy rate is down slightly in the first quarter, but we continuously improve product quality, hanting every year from 300 to 400 stores for renovation, plus some new opening stores, improve the overall quality of stores, so our ADR constantly improve, offset the effects on rents."
China lives in guangzhou station site of HFE model between full seasons
The exhibition, China live a batch of new upgrade product appearance, full seasons, ibis 4.0 3.0, hanting plus version, and new beauty products.According to introducing, in China the product iterative cycles are usually in a year and a half to two years or so, for example from 3.5 to 4.0 products all season, after nearly two years.
"Hotel as long as the quality of products reach the designated position, five to eight years in the future will remain relatively strong competitiveness.Basic hotel with a large overhaul, the transformation of the cycle is more than 8 years, 8 years to transform, it must be in accordance with the standards of our latest.Iteration rhythm, so the products will not lead to the situation of the products to keep pace with times ", ZhuangChengSong introduction, "in addition, our product iteration is more in terms of decoration, and some optimization with elaboration on the product cost, it won't be any big change in particular, said that there's a new product, can't use the old napa stores."
Live in many hotel chain, China has a record is no other hotel group, is that since the establishment of brand zero loss.Every brand, China live done today.From the earliest hanting the latest Mellon, from super economical sea friends to high-grade jubilee he, from the Oriental aesthetic full seasons to French elegant beauty r...China live never give up any a brand, on the contrary for each brand has a clear development plan in the future.Live this shows that China is not blindly chasing tuyere, each brand before creation, thoughtful, after the brand was founded, the careful maintenance.Responsible for the brand, responsible for investors.