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Карта отеля

Карта отеля
гостиница восток гуанчжоу (Dong Fang Hotel Guangzhou), месторасположение отеля находится в центре города Гуанчжоу - район цветения, сообщение чрезвычайно удобное, у входа есть станция метро и аэропорт прямо до автобуса номер 5.отель < br > > является как богатой историко - культурной стилей линнаня, так и роскошной международной роскошной городской садовой гостиницей, которая предоставляет китайским и иностранным бизнесменам современное высококачественное окружение и обслуживание, и стал демонстрационным отелем 4K ТВ провинции Гуандун.месторасположение в гостинице хорошее, хорошее обслуживание.гостиница имеет также 800 квадратных метров субтропических ветров и солнечный бассейн, где люди могут наслаждаться отдыхом.
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  • Leono1
    Very good hotel, convenient facilities. room is too old-fashioned.
  • A-Man
    This booking on behalf of friend, friend very satisfied. reason is good location, good health, good facilities, good service, good breakfast.
  • berndweise
    Hotel. Services General
  • Camel0135
    Good facilities, the environment is also good. it is worth staying at.
  • bixya
    During the Canton fair price also reasonable Hotel Nice
  • g_sunway
    Front desk staff very poor room less than five-star requirements is the most hated of our 15th, morning room, 11:30 we say let us wait until two o'clock Bell to the hotel room, and reception very poor attitude! hotel, one star
  • daijie1986
    Close to the head office, Korea bosses like hotel, convenient, clean and comfortable.
  • cdd2468
    Environment of the hotel is very good, very kind, I am very satisfied, if given the chance I will stay next time, thank you!
  • bobocml
    That's good!
  • luweld
    Good, room is big and decorated luxury, bathing water is slightly smaller.
  • cjp566
    Location is good, the traffic is very convenient, especially next to the subway, the rooms are very quiet and very good.
  • loirju
    Old hotel, not County here turned on, convenient prices during the Spring Festival period is also very cost effective
  • calin812
    Meeting Hotel, deluxe room was gone, said at the front desk gave me a free upgrade to Executive room, colleagues later, I upgraded Executive rooms than they haven't upgraded Deluxe rooms. equipment is old, the bathroom shower head holder is broken. room service is fine.
  • lilysyw
    The hotel property is old but still is good staff is co-operative yes but language problem is there the hotel is divided into two block have to walk a lot for break fast evening music is good in lobby which is complimentry with soft drinks over experince is good metro is just near buy star bucks and 24 hours mc donalds is near by can get buses to various routes just on the gate of hotel
  • wanglinibeibei
    Good hotel! too much! just a small supermarket is just perfect!
  • BETTER888
  • jccg629728675
    Excellent location, nice room and bedding, friendly staff, awesome breakfast, definitely will come next time.
  • e02368726
    I said does, location quite good, is located in yuexiu Park side, close to Metro, travel convenient. around restaurant compared more, breakfast can to near of wide type tea restaurant, really called delicious, name not remember has. out right hand has been go, triangle zone turned a bent on to has. Hotel whole environment layout of elegant brilliant, hotel service personnel enthusiasm. price low, but, House seems long no people live had has, moisture inclusion with moldy of taste, Rob of people is unlikely to comfortable.
  • cloud
    Facade of the hotel is very big seas and very luxurious checkin staff was very patient is a bit slow around the room is good but it is an old hotel bathtub sinks beneath the window walls are moldy air conditioning noise nothing around the hotel is near the subway and only McDonald's subway has a special small 7-11
  • ACN_Metal
    Swimming pool is very good, are too few snacks around
  • jnlcfda
    Good location, close to Metro Line 2 line (connecting train station), 2nd floor, room can be straight, drinking tea in a Chinese restaurant, Dim sum like. swimming pool and gym is perfect, with fewer people.
  • combine
    Hotel itself is very good, only recently in front of renovation
  • rabbit714
    Close to Metro, convenient, place to eat less. is the facility is a bit old ... overall good.
  • D02734218
    Nice hotel next stay is worth
  • Andyluoluo
    Booking for any reason fails to move in, not to cancel! bad reviews!
  • lccgl
    Overall a good environment, swimming pool is very big, that's good.
  • fallinsleep
    Canton has been booked this hotel, services can also, didn't feel particularly good. upgrade to Executive Suite sent fruit, but also good. Breakfast is the same a few years, nothing innovative, okay.
  • sunercom
    Room was a bit musty, and others.
  • junesea
    Old star hotel front desk needs to be improved, did not understand there is no chain to the guests the waiter
  • jodonn
    Very good! is lined up so many people! help desk should be open!
  • office22
    Nice stuff nice room
  • janet55
    Good job
  • tonosama
    Downtown travel is very convenient, the hotel's swimming pool is good!
  • arielfilan
    The hotel location is quite good, is a metro station, very easy, and less than that hotel's facilities is a little old, but clean, complete supporting it's around, very convenient, Nice.
  • doreentw21123
    During the Canton trade fair, where the hotels are expensive, performance can also
  • lixueliang1969
    This hotel is of high performance-to-cost ratio and I would definitely recommend everyone to use this hotel.
  • grace725
    The environment is very beautiful!
  • momofans
    That's good
  • Jamber
    Stay two nights in a row, always wanted to have a single room, but give me a double bed.
  • ln821211
    Great facilities, safe, parking is not easy, in a Word, value for money was good
  • jiangli463
    Garden type hotel, green is good, location environment are no said, traffic also is convenient, airport bus on in door, Metro also not far. just this staying left has regrets of is front desk, set of two late administrative room, first days staying to of is administrative room,, we found Hou second days negotiations had only for has administrative room, to of reason actually is first days administrative tenant full has, but staying Shi didn't anyone said up had Ah! actually mistake room should is not Shang big things, important of is faceQuestion excuse is not solved, a duty manager can solve the problem, simply drag the third day only when you check out the solution, and solutions is not a refund, buffet lunch can only send or drop off, in fact, that I don't need, also upset my day trip. this really shouldn't be an established style of five-star hotels.
  • aimiao11
    Is indeed an established five-star hotels, the environment of the hotel is good, green people feel very comfortable, swimming pool is small, but very beautiful! facilities and equipment in the room a little bit old, but high price compared to other five star hotels, this support was awesome! husband said, next time you come, still live here! (Oh oh oh, one thing, front phone, no answer!?)
  • LSXforever
    ? Live so well, is the price expensive
  • e01347152
    Five-star grade, rich breakfast, dine top
  • lei513896311
    Very good location, near everywhere. to the right at the entrance, very close to Metro station, very convenient.
    A very good environment and service attitude is good, convenient!
  • FlyAway3131313
    Nice, have to live several times, each time to Guangzhou are living here.
  • lxf9462
    Travel called the five-star hotel can take more than 10 years, the worst feeling ... any feedback was twice to answer. strongly not recommended
  • eagle246
    All right
  • e00228874